Certified Screen Guarantee

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At Design Pro Screens, Inc. you get our unconditional “Certified Screen Guarantee”. We certify that all of our screen work is –

  • 100% Free From Manufacturers Defects
  • 2 year Warranty on all Installation Labor
  • Install Work done by trained DPS Installers
  • Screen construction meets latest Florida Wind Codes
  • Screen construction meets latest Building Codes


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In addition, our President and Founder, Jeff Cheffer is a Certified Building Contractor #CBC1252116 with the State of Florida. This added level of certification insures that your screen enclosure is designed and constructed with the most recent, up to date wind and building codes in mind.

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At Design Pro Screens, Inc. our construction process insures that you are getting a Pool Screen Enclosure that is of exceptional quality and appearance. No other company in Florida provide the same level of professionalism & courteousness that you get with us.

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The advantages of our “Certified Screen Guarantee” are multifaceted and extend across various aspects of both consumer and business transactions. One primary benefit is the assurance of screen products and service quality. Our Guarantee serves as a commitment from Design Pro Screens, Inc., to instill confidence that our delivered screen enclosure will meet specified standards. This assurance minimizes the risk associated with purchases, fostering a sense of trust between our consumers and us.

Moreover, our Guarantee contributes to your customer satisfaction. Knowing that a product is backed by a Guarantee provides peace of mind, encouraging you to make purchasing decisions without fear of losing your investment. This satisfaction often translates into positive word-of-mouth, referrals, and reviews for Design Pro Screens, Inc.

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From a business perspective, offering guarantees can enhance our reputation and credibility. It signals a commitment to customer satisfaction and underscores confidence in the products and services we offer. This, in turn, can lead to a competitive edge in the market, as consumers are more likely to choose businesses that stand behind their offerings.

In conclusion, the advantages of obtaining a guarantee are substantial. They range from instilling confidence and satisfaction in consumers to boosting a business’s reputation. Guarantees create a win-win situation by mitigating risks for buyers and enhancing the guaranteed success of your pool screen enclosure design build process.

Design Pro Screens, Inc. is a Certified Building Contractor with the State of Florida.